I’ve just finished an incredibly busy week. All of my family were here and that is a true miracle in all of our busy lives. It was a wonderful time filled with music, coffee shops, boutique shopping, lots and lots of eating and family love. There may have been a few challenging moments along the way as well.

When everyone left and the house was stone cold quiet, I had time to reflect. I love my kids, my son and daughter in law and my grandsons beyond all reason. They’re just the best in the world in my eyes. When I look at them, they shine.

But when I’m in the midst of the hubbub and action, it’s impossible to think careful, deep thoughts. I’m just cooking or playing with the baby or gathering up towels for the next swim session. I’m busy. And that’s good, but I find that some very important things happen in the quiet spaces between flurries of activity.

It’s good in the quiet spaces to take inventory–take stock of all I have. I have a family that will travel long distances to spend time with me. To take me to hear live music because I love it so much, to present special meals in honor of Mother’s Day or our anniversary, complete with delicious food, but also with the flair of white shirts and ties. (Even the baby and the dog wore bow ties.) To make me a homemade birdhouse for the backyard. Such a fuss can only come out of love.

I often wonder why I don’t create quiet spaces more often. It takes just a moment of decision to do that, and I always benefit when I follow through.

A lot happens in the quiet spaces. Good things like sorting out my thoughts and emotions, making decisions, letting go of negativity and, as in this case, counting all the blessings.

What happens in your quiet spaces?