Last week my tennis team had a match with Club Green Meadows. They trounced us, but that’s not the reason for this post. The last match played was between the two Team fives, the lowest teams on the lowest team (city league K Team). But the match was the highlight of the day.

The two players on Team 5 from Club Green Meadows were slow, but elegant. One of them is a beautiful 94 year old woman named Sunny. Quite a few of the women from both clubs knew her and talked of the days when she piloted her own airplane. It was a joy to watch her move.

They had split the first two sets and now had to play a ten point tie-break. All the other matches were finished so a crowd of us stood on the other side of the glass, watching. The ball went back and forth in high arches, with lots of time for the players to make their returns. Not one of the four players could really run, but they could hit the ball when it came to them.

Soon the score was 10-9. You have to win by two points. The score went back and forth to the delight of our little crowd and Sunny and her partner finally won the match at 20-18. The cheers were probably heard down the block.

It was so much fun to see these elderly women still active and enjoying their sport. They were as celebrated as any Wimbledon champ.

Getting older has its challenges. All our joints and muscles hurt from time to time and energy levels go up and down. But we oldies aren’t finished yet. God still has plans for us each and every day we live and we’ll accomplish more of those tasks if we keep our eyes and ears open. Watching and listening and then pouncing on the kind word or deed.

It may not be very glamorous being older, but it’s often rewarding. Yes there are wrinkles and unwanted pounds. There are creaky limbs and sometimes a lack of respect from busy younger generations. But we’re fortunate to live these long years. Some folks didn’t get that chance.

So, good for you, Sunny, still whacking the tennis ball at age 94. And good for the rest of us who endeavor to live each day with an eye to giving and receiving and enjoying every single moment we’re given.