About Me

jan-pierce2 Thanks for visiting my site. I’m a freelance writer and happily retired schoolteacher with a Master’s degree in Education. I love words and the power they have to inform, encourage and inspire. I draw on my life experience as wife, mother, grandmother and classroom teacher to write articles about parenting and supporting children in education.

I draw on my experience as a follower of Christ to write devotionals, uplifting articles and stories that help us continue the journey with grace. I’m a confirmed Northwesterner who loves to read, play tennis, garden and spend time along the beautiful Pacific coastlines of Washington and Oregon. I love spending time with my family including my four terrific grandsons. Along with my husband of 49 years I travel to India once or twice a year to support indigenous ministries and meet the needs of the poor. You can read about my work in India at www.onehandfulofrice.org

Feel free to contact me to discuss your writing needs. Check out my two books for parents entitled Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun available online:

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